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Tenure Track Faculty Positions at SUSTech

The Department of Chemistry at South University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) invites faculty position applications at ANY RANK from tenure-track assistant professor to full professor with tenure in all areas of chemistry from now. Research, innovation and entrepreneurship are strongly supported and valued at utmost in SUSTech. All of our current faculty members have received top notch training from outstanding institutions such as Stanford, Caltech, MIT, Berkeley and Scripps. Over 60% of faculty members have received grants from "Recruitment Program of Global Experts" (1000 talent program) of China, the highest percentage in all universities in China.  Our goal is to build a world-leading chemistry program. Recently, Shenzhen Grubbs Institute has been established to speed up our chemistry program.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in Chemistry or in highly related field, a record of excellence in research and a commitment to teaching at both undergraduate and graduate level.  Highly competitive salary (up to $171K : 600 K rmb + 550 K rmb tax –free bonus for the first five years for young 1000 talent professor) will be provided above the top United States-leading university level, and no less than a total of $1.5 million tart-up funding will be provided for each successful applicant in 3 years.  Senior position for chemistry faculty member will be negotiated case by case.

Shenzhen is the SUSTech hometown, which was once a fishing village but now has transformed to a modern metropolis with over 20 Million people at South China (near Hong Kong) in just a few decades, and is the first and one of the most successful special economic zones in China. In this connection, joint PhD programs with The University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have been established.

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Previously Announced Career Opportunities

Guangzhou University Faculty Recruitment Program -- International "1,000 Young Talents Plan" Forum

Guangzhou, China, May 20-22, 2017

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时间:2013 Fall ACS 会议期间, 9月8日,下午 2:00-6:00pm
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个人简历 (中/英文)




A.  以张绪穆老师领导的青年“千人”(教授),独立研究方向

B.  张绪穆实验小组的副教授(工作助手)

C.  张绪穆实验小组的博士后(国内工作一段时间后可推荐至国外知名院校继续博士后研究工作)

D.  有致力于绿色催化研究的博士生


Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials (i-ChEM)
Xiamen University - Fudan University - University of Science and Technology of China

Research Scientist, and Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

The Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials (i-ChEM) is established jointly by the chemistry departments of Xiamen University, Fudan University, and University of Science and Technology of China under the "2011 Innovation Program" of the Ministries of Education and Finance of China. The mission of the Center is to establish a chemistry-based world-class Center for innovative research on novel and/or strategic energy materials (including, but not limited to, synthesis, storage and conversion) at the forefront of materials chemistry as well as chemistry. The Center cordially invites applications or nominations for the following positions: Chief Scientists, Principle Investigators, Research Associates, and Postdoctoral Fellows. A number of technical and administrative personnel positions are also available.

Chief Scientist: Seven Chief Scientist positions are available for the seven divisions of the Center:  (1) optimal utilization of carbon resources; (2) chemical energy storage and conversion; (3) chemistry of solar energy conversion; (4) chemical synthesis and fabrication; (5) theoretical chemistry and simulation; (6) instrumentation and methodology; (7) X-research division. The Chief Scientists are expected to be world renowned scientists in their respective fields.

Principle Investigator: To conduct cutting-edge research on respective research areas mentioned above (at the full professor level).

Research Associate: To undertake research under the leadership of a Principle Investigator (at full professor or associate professor level).

Postdoctoral Fellow: Highly motivated, young and talented researcher who has received his/her Ph. D within the last five years.

The Center will offer successful candidates with highly competitive salaries, attractive research start-up funds, research space, and postdoctoral positions, as well as other supporting packages.

Application materials include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a list of names and contact details of three references, a summary of research interests and directions, and other helpful supporting materials. These could be forwarded to Professor You-zhu Yuan, the Head of office of Human Resources, via e-mail address as the follows:

For more information, please visit the website of the Center: